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Effective January 8, 2024 Boarding will no longer be offered at the 1058 S. Dixon Rd location


Always About Pets is excited to announce that, for dogs meeting certain criteria, Hope (Part Owner of Always About Pets) will be offering Pet Sitting in HER Home.

Now, your fur baby will enjoy ....

  • Being even more pampered
  • Having a Bedroom/Living area all of their own
  • Have their own window to look out of
  • Multiple potty breaks throughout the daytime and even bedtime hours
  • A 6ft fenced in back yard to run and play in
  • Even more individual attention since Hope takes only a maximum of 3 dogs


                                       DOGS ONLY

       See below to see if your Fur Baby meets our criteria

                                   Current Clients

(Furclients must have boarded within the last 2 yrs to be considered a Current Client)

      Contact Hope at 765-860-7875 (text preferred)

We have contacted those current clients whose dogs we feel are good candidates for our Home Pet Sitting.

                                      New Clients

(FurClients that haven't been to us in over 2 years of haven't used us yet)

You will need to contact Hope at 765-860-7875 to answer a few questions to see if your fur baby is a good In Home candidate (some criteria is listed below). If you pass the questioning process, a Meet/Greet/Test Overnight Stay will be arranged .... $30.  This test stay will take place at our Facility and not at the house.

NOTE:  This process may take a few days, depending on availability, so don't wait until the last minute to see if you qualify. We will NOT book services until your dog has been approved.

See the Forms Tab to fill out Pet Sitting Forms PRIOR to Test Overnight Stay

Phone Calls/Texts will be answered between the hours of 9am and 5pm

Some Requirements/Criteria for In Home Pet Sitting

  • Vaccinations MUST be good at least 10 days prior to stay.  We Require Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella.  Vaccinations must come on Veterinarian's letterhead. We do NOT accept vaccinations given by individuals, including breeders or vaccinations administered by a Holistic Veterinarian.
  • No Puppies ... Dogs must be at least 8 months old
  • Females must be spayed
  • Dogs must be free of fleas, ticks and worms. If positive, dog WILL be turned away.
  • Dogs must not be exhibiting any signs of illness ...Coughing, inability to stand, lack of coordination, trouble breathing, etc.
  • Must be of good disposition, safe to handle with no aggressive behavior concerns
  • Must be 100% potty trained
  • Must not be an 'excessive' barker
  • Must not be 'hyperactive' ... i.e. bouncing off walls, jumping
  • Must not be 'chewer' of home carpet/furniture/doors/trimwork/rugs/blankets/cords/etc
  • Must not be destructive or vocal when left alone


$35 Per Day for a Single Dog

$30 per Day per Dog for multiple dogs

The FIRST day counts as one DAY. If picked up before 12:00pm on LAST day, we will not charge for the final day.


Payment needs to be CASH ONLY

Drop Off / Pick Up Guidelines

ONLY PRE-ARRANGED Pickups/DropOffs will be allowed. Hope will NOT open the door if she is NOT expecting you

Please call/text 15 minutes before arrival

Come Directly to the Front Door. DO NOT walk or potty your dog in her Front yard or the neighbor's yards. Please be respectful.

What to Bring



You are welcome to bring anything you wish to make your dog's stay feel even more 'at home'.  We do have blankets, bowls and toys if you should choose to use ours.  Our items are thoroughly cleaned after each dog's use.