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Boarding Services

Boarding Hours

Pickup or Drop off your Pet 7 days a Week !!! 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday
Anytime between  8:30am and 5:30pm

Wednesday, Sunday and Holidays

* PREARRANGED Pickup/Dropoff Times  *
   7:30 am, 12:00 pm or 6:30 pm     
* NOTE:  We only unlock our doors if we are expecting someone. So, if you deviate from your PREARRANGED time, you will need to call a leave a message at least 2 hours before the next pickup/dropoff time.

Boarding Rates

Per dog:  $30 per DAY
If Dog(s) are picked up BEFORE 11:00am on their last day, the fee for the final day will NOT be charged.

Daycare:  $30 per dog

Vaccinations Required

 Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella
         All Vaccinations must be good 10 days prior to Boarding


Puppies must be at least 4 months of age AND have completed all 4 series of vaccinations at least 10 days prior to boarding.

Cancellation / No Show Policy

Due to the increasing number of no-shows and last minute cancellations, we have been forced to implement the following boarding reservation policy.

                                              Peak Boarding Seasons
                                                        Fall Break
                                                      Spring Break
                                             Christmas into the New Year

        Cancellation Policy                       
             No Show Policy               
Applies to Peak Seasons OnlyApplies to ANY Boarding Reservation
10-Day Advance Cancel Notice required First Offense:  Non-Refundable 100% Deposit required for future bookings (Cash or Credit Card only)
You MUST speak to a staff member to cancel your stay (no voicemails !!!) Second Offense:  Will no longer be able to Board with us
If Cancellation is less than 10 days, you will owe for your entire stay and will not be allowed to board again until balance is paid in full
Repeat offenders (depending on frequency and situation)  will either 1) Be required to Prepay upon Booking future reservations (Refunds will be given if a 10 day, or more, cancel notice is given …. Cancellations MUST be in person) OR 2) Not be allowed to board again                         

Dogs we will NOT Board


People Aggressive Dogs
    At our discretion, we may require a "Meet and Greet" session prior to Boarding to determine if it is safe for owner's, and staff, to handle your dog.

Large/Giant Breeds that are 'Excessive' Pullers on the Leash
       During the majority of your dog's stay, your dog will be tended to by the Female owners. Since SAFETY is our Top Priority, if we feel we cannot walk your pet safely (if your dog is dragging us while walking or jumping and biting at the leash), we will not be able board your dog until at which time he/she is leash trained.
      Again, at our discretion, we may require a "Meet and Greet" session prior to Boarding to determine if it is safe for owner's, and staff, to handle your dog.

Destructive Dogs
       If your fur baby is destroying his/her Suite, we will not be able to board them

Dogs that have not had their shots administered by a Veterinarian
       In order to board, we must have proof of Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella. These shots must be administered by a Veterinarian.
       We do NOT accept shots from Holistic Vets, nor do we accept shots owner's have administered themselves. 
       If you have rescued your dog and the Rescue facility has administered the shots, we will need proof of the shots on the Rescue's letterhead.

We will no longer board puppies unless they have completed their FULL series of shots. Puppies normally complete this series between 4 and 6 months of age.


Come and check us out !!!

Come check out our unique boarding 'suites'.

No longer does your pet need to stay in a cage/crate like environment. Our suites are like having a room all of their own. 

Suite sizes range from 4' x 5' to 4' x 13'. Each has solid 8ft walls on three sides.  The fourth side of the suite is a gate. Each suite is designed with a 'theme' in mind. Pictured here is our "Princess Suite".

We also want to assure you that, at our Boarding facility, your pet will be taken outside, at the very least, 3 times a day. Our Suites do not have a built in drainage system. Therefore, to avoid 'messes', we make sure your pets are taken out several times a day.

We also have a 25'x25', 8 ft tall Outdoor Play area.  We are so pleased to offer your pets both on-leash walking along the Wildcat creek and off-leash, supervised, play time in our Outdoor Play area. And, remember, we never charge extra for play-time or walking your dog like other places*.  Our prices are all inclusive.  All pets get, at least, 3 outside walks/playtimes. 

We welcome you to come in and tour our Boarding area ANYTIME during normal office hours.  We have nothing to hide. Please stop in and see us.                                                                             Also, if you want like to read more on why you should choose us for your Boarding needs, please refer to our top '10 reasons to choose us' page.

What you will need should you board with us


* Proof that the following shots are current: Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough and Rabies.  (Note: If your dog is due for shots, shots should be administered 10 days prior to Boarding to be effective)

* First time clients are also required to fill out an Enrollment Form, a DogProfile, a Medical Info Vet Release, and sign a Service Agreement.  You may down load these forms, from our Forms page, and bring them with you to our office or you can email them to us.

* We will also need to bring any Medications your pet(s) may be on.  We will happy to administer medications free of charge.

* Pet Food and Treats. We don't want to mess up your pet's digestive system. So, we need you to bring in the food your pet is used to eating.

Not necessary, but certainly OK:

Pet bedding, toys and bowls. We do have these items, but sometimes your pet may be more comfortable with his own 'scents'. 


We are a small, but personal, facility.  We are currently only booking 8 boarding suites and they go fast.  So, call us to early to reserve your spot.  Holidays, Spring Break, Fall Break and Summer are our busiest times (basically, anytime the schools are out).  People start booking for these 'prime seasonal' spots months in advance. So, please be pro-active. When schools are in session, bookings are easier, but weekends do fill up. So, please call in as soon as possible.                                         

Choosing your own Suite

Some people have asked if they can choose what suite their dog(s) stays in. The answer to this question is No.  Why?  Well, we try to accommodate as many of our clients as we can as best as we can.  Thus, where we put your dog is based on occupancy (some clients have more than one dog that they want boarded together in the same suite ... they may require a certain size suite), availability (certain suites may have already been booked out), size (it wouldn't make sense to put a little 7#  dog in our 4' x13' suite when a 100# dog needs it), and temperament (some suites 'fit' certain dogs better .....If you have an overly shy dog, it is probably best to have a suite with curtains  ... If  you a have chewer, it is probably best not to have a suite with curtains ...  If you have a 'dog' aggressive dog, some suites will not work well due to their proximity to our other suites ... and so on and so forth)

We do our best to make your pet feel as comfortable and as safe as they possibly can be during their stay with us.  Sometimes, with new dogs (as we don't yet know their personality), they start out in one suite, but then we find that they would really be more comfortable and feel more at ease if they were in a different suite. So, we will move them for their own benefit. We don't just board your dog, we get to know them and we 'listen' to them.

Typical Day ('off' Day Routines vary slightly)

We start our day between 6:30a and 7:00am walking, cleaning and feeding   

At 11:30, we take your pet out again, this time for a longer period to get some playtime in.  We also clean again.  

At 4:00p we start feeding and cleaning ... yet again, and by 5:00p we walking/playing for the final time that day. We wrap up our day at around 6:00.   

Of course, there are exceptions to this schedule as some pets need to be taken out a little more often than others.  Throughout the day, we are giving your pet loving attention inside our facility.  

We take great pride in the care and attention that we give our pet guests.  Their safety and well being is our utmost importance.

Quick Note on Cat Boarding:

We do not board cats.  We feel cats would best be served by a In Home Pet Care service.  We no longer offer this service.  However, we do know of a couple reputable ladies.  We can give you their information if you call us.