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We are no longer accepting NEW Large Breed Dogs

A $5.00 fee will be charged if grooming dogs are not picked up within 2 hrs of when we call to tell you that your dog is done

Does your dog need a little sprucing up but you get ‘sticker shock’ every time you go to the Groomers?   Hate leaving your beloved pet at the Groomers all day long?  Tired of getting a different groomer every time you take your pet in?  We offer solutions for all these problems.

Tired of different groomers every time you take your pet in  ….

Charity Hotsinpiller, Owner/Partner, is the head groomer here at Always About Pets. She knows how to groom all the AKC-recognized breeds and every mixed breed in-between. Charity’s grooming skills are in very high demand. So, please be sure to book your appointment well in advance and to keep your pet on a rotating grooming schedule.

To keep up with the public’s growing grooming demands, we also have two full-time experienced groomers .... Tracie and Shelly. They are both exceptional and love what they do and we love having them as part of our team.

When you call in for appointment, you can either request your groomer or we will ask you who you might prefer or, maybe, you just want the first appointment available. The choice is up to you.

Tired of leaving your pet at the groomer’s all day ….

We stagger our appointments throughout the day. Most dogs are in and out in 1 to 3 hrs.  However, if you choose to drop off your pet before you go to work and pick him up after work, we're OK with that to.  However, there will be a small $5.00 fee added to your bill. We’ll make sure your pet has fresh water to drink and he will be taken out a couple times during the day to stretch his legs and relieve himself.  

Sticker-Shock? …

You’ll find that at our grooming facility, we don’t “plus, plus” you to death.  Toenails (whether clipped or dremeled), Ear Cleaning, Anals, Bathing, Drying, Deshed and Clipping are all part of the grooming package your dog receives.

When you request a quote over the phone, we always do our best to give you as accurate a quote as possible.  However, often, we have to give you a price range as it is very difficult to give precise estimates without actually seeing your dog, especially on mixed breeds. We can always give a more precise quote if you bring in your pet to be assessed. You do not need an appointment for an assessment.

Unforeseen fees may still apply for things like excessive matting (please see our page on Matting), *fleas, *ticks, and possibly your dog’s temperament.  Obviously, dogs that show aggression, and those extra wiggly dogs, will require more time and thus more money. Typically, these extra fees run between $5 and $10 dollars per occurrence. However, they can run more especially on large hairy breeds.  Keep in mind that it is hard, even after the groomer assesses your dog, to know just how bad the matts are ; how your dog will react to the tub, dryer, table and clippers ; and if your dog is carrying fleas or ticks, until she actually starts the grooming process. Thus, these unforeseen fees may show up on your bill.

* Fleas and Ticks: If you let the groomer know, at the beginning of your appointment, that your dog may have fleas, or ticks, we will waive the $5 extra fee. 

Grooming Rates

Grooming rates are based on the breed, type of clip, coat condition and pet temperament. Please call for an estimate (please see note on Sticker-Shock section) and to set up your appointment. 

A Grooming consists of Bathing, Drying, Deshed, Trimming, Clipping, Toe Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning and Exterior Anal Glad expression. (Of course, some breeds do not require clipping/trimming) 


If you just need a Toe Nail Trim or an Anal Expression, you may stop by anytime during our normal business days, between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

 A Nail Trim is $10.00

 A Dremel (includes toenail trim and sanding off the rough edges) is $14.00

 An Anal Expression is $10.00. (If combined with another service, it is $5.00)

Our Pledge to you and your pet ....

A Special Note regarding Cat Grooming ...

We are no longer offering Cat Grooming Services

We will, however, be happy to cut your Cat's toenails for $10.