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Business updates during Coronavirus Shut-down


Hello to our Fabulous Clients,

First off, We would like to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful Ciients for their kindness, patience and generosity. We have the absolute Best Clients!!! With everything that has been going on in the world, you have truly Blessed us and Lifted our spirits. THANK YOU !!!!

As many of you already know, we are down one groomer, and we are continuing to struggle to get everyone booked in a timely manner.  Please continue to be patient as we look to fill that position.

Effective Monday, May 11, 2020, we will start allowing clients in our Building. We are still required by the government to follow certain guidelines.  As simply as possible, these are the rules ….

                           MASK IS RECOMMENDED

                           ONE DOG ONE PERSON

                           ONE CLIENT IN BUILDING AT A TIME

As far as our Boarding Services go, we hope to reopen that service on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  However, this will rely heavily on if the local/state government stays ‘on track’ with their reopening timeline.


God Bless


To our Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for being Patient with us.

We now have a Re-Opening date of Monday, April 20th.

We will open for Grooming Services only.  We will NOT open our Boarding Services until it has been deemed SAFE to travel.

For the next three days … Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 16-18), we will be answering messages between 9:30am and 12:30pm IN THE ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED. I will get to as many as I can during these time frames. If you don’t hear back from us by Monday, please try calling again. Please keep your messages brief …. Client Name, Dog Name and Phone Number.

Also, We will be doing things differently for time being. Client Guidelines for Pickup and DropOffs are Below.

Thank you again for all your support, well wishes and your patience. We can’t wait to see you all again.

God Bless,


As many of you know, Commissioner Paul Wyman has issued a Statement that he is relaxing some rules for NonEssential Businesses …. This includes Grooming Businesses. 

Many of you have been trying to call the office to find out what is going on

While we are just as anxious as you for our Return, we do NOT currently have all the details of this Statement.  We do NOT know if it takes place immediately or if it starts on a certain date.  We are hoping for another statement from Mr. Wyman today. 

Regardless, if this is immediate or not, there are logistics that we MUST work out before we return.  Schedules will be different as well as how we intake and checkout pets/clients.  We also have to get with our staff to see who can return, and on what days, due to childcare complications. 

PLEASE BE PATIENT. We want to get back as soon as possible, but we want YOU and our Staff to be SAFE!

Please continue to monitor our Facebook and Website for further updates. Hopefully, we will have a date SOON!


Hello to our Wonderful Clients!  

As many of you know, the County has once again extended the ORANGE travel advisory which means we are still unable to open.   

We pray that you will continue to be patient and understanding with us. Groomers across the world are being affected by this pandemic and are completely overwhelmed at where or how to even begin to put our schedules back together and make everyone happy. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU is important to us.  It is not our intent for anyone to feel slighted in any way.  

Because we absolutely have no clue when we are going to be able to reopen, we cannot give you a concrete date of our return.  However, WE WILL RETURN, God willing.  

All appointments within the Government ORANGE travel advisory ordinance Dates (whether it be City, County or State … whichever is more strict) will be cancelled.  We WILL CONTACT YOU to reach out, but we will not be able to reschedule appointments at this time. It just does not make since to keep scheduling and rescheduling every two weeks.   

We will keep our Clients informed via Website and Facebook as to when we have a CONCRETE DATE of return.  

UPON OUR RETURN, we ask that you please call us and we will do our best to get you in as soon as we can. Keep in mind, that when we do return, we will be overwhelmed with calls, so if you can’t get through, either call back or leave a message. Messages will be answered in the order they are received. Above all, please be Patient and Understanding.  EVERYONE HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY THIS. We are not trying to put you out in any way.  We are ALL just doing the best we call in this terrible situation. 

Please understand that we do not like this anymore than you.  We WANT to work, visit with you, take care of you fur-babies and see how you have been during this whole ordeal. Not working means we don’t have any income and we still have expenses to pay. We understand that all of you are desperate to get your fur-babies in and may be upset because we can’t get you in right away upon our return.  We IMPLORE you to PLEASE WORK WITH US AND NOT AGAINST US.  These are unprecedented times, and we are just doing our best.  

I hope you are all staying safe. Know that we love and miss all of you and pray that God will see us ALL through this.

Hope and Charity


In light of Governor Holcomb’s press conference earlier today declaring a “Shelter in Place” for the next two weeks for the entire state of Indiana, Our ‘hopeful’ return date will be Thursday, April 9th, 2020. 

We will be making calls over the next couple of days to cancel/reschedule any appointments/reservations including the dates of April 4 – April 8, 2020 (We had already done this for March 21-April 3,2020). 

Please note that if we are not able to speak with you directly over the phone, WE HAVE LEFT A MESSAGE and you will need to reschedule your appointment upon our return to  the office as our phone is NOT taking messages. 

Thank you and may God be with you in these difficult times.


Ok, so it’s day one into us closing do to Howard County’s Orange Alert shutting down all non-essential businesses.  I miss all our Patrons and Fur-Clients already!!

I wanted everyone to know that if you had an appointment, or boarding stay, for March 21,2020 thru April 3, 2020, we HAVE CONTACTED YOU about our temporary closing.  If you did not speak to us personally, PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES.

Also, our phones will NOT be taking messages at this time. Please check in to our Facebook page or our Website for updates.


It is with a torn and heavy heart that Always About Pets LLC has decided to close effective March 20, at 5:00pm FOR A TEMPORARY PERIOD OF TIME TO BE DETERMINED BY THE HOWARD COUNTY COMMISSION.  Right now, The Commission is saying 2 weeks (April 3rd), but as we all know it very well may be longer.

We are Cancelling all Grooming appointments thru April 3, 2020.  Boarding stays including Dates between March 20,2020 and April 3,2020 will also be Cancelled.

It is our belief that individuals should stay at home as instructed by our City. Traveling unnecessarily could result in comprising your safety as well as others.  We know this puts a heavy stain on our patrons, especially our Boarding Clients.  While we recognize that a handful of individuals still must do emergency travel, it is just not feasible for us to remain open at this time.

We apologize for any hardship our closing has caused.  We will be happy to reschedule appointments for future dates (pending decisions made by our City).

As always, our main priority is you and your pet’s safety. We will keep you posted via Facebook and our Website as time goes on as to when we will reopen.  Those of you with standing Appointments WILL BE CALLED with instructions.

Take care of yourselves. Look after each other and God Bless.